Central Heating Systems Repair

HVAC heating systems have three basic components. If your heating system isn’t working properly, one of these basic components could be the problem:
  1. Furnace, boiler or heat pump, this uses warm air or water to heat your home.
  2. Heat distribution system: Moves warm air, steam or hot water through the home.
  3. Thermostat, this regulates the amount of heat that is distributed throughout your home.
Heat Sources Furnaces and boilers are often called Central Heating Systems, because the heat is generated in a central location and distributed throughout your home. However, they are actually heat sources that are listed here: Furnace: Heats warm air that is distributed throughout the home via the use of a blower motor and air ducts. Boiler: Provides heated water or steam that is distributed throughout the home via a series of pipes. Heat Pumps: Pulls heat from the surrounding air to warm the home. It can also be used for home cooling. We repair all of them.